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Introduction I just completed my first sprint triathlon race season this October. As a 49 year old grandmother of 3 I'm living proof that your're never too old to stop whining and do something about your life. With a podium finish in 3 out of 4 triathlons this year I discovered that Grandma's got game. It also made the effort to learn how to swim 18 months ago feel like a pretty good decision. But understand that this everyday athlete does not bound down the street like a gazelle when I run. I am happy to say that now, I move along pretty well and do not feel like a complete embarrassment to myself or those around me. In the beginning 5 years ago when I decided to start running, if you'd looked out your front window as I went by in the cold morning, you'd swear Gentle Ben had decided to join the fitness craze. When I fall off the wellness wagon, I do so with gusto and flair and am sure to get some cheesecake in there somewhere. But I know that the ability to run, bike and swim is a gift, and health shouldn't be squandered so I crawl back on the wagon with my inner fat lady wrapped around my ankles sobbing. "It's okay" I tell her. They'll be cheesecake another day...but I gotta go train.