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Gender Female
Occupation Customer Service
Location KS, United States
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Introduction Who am I? Hmm many different things.

Foremost I'm a Christian. I'm definitely not religious but I 100% (I'd say 110% but that's really not possible to be more than 100% with out a bonus)believe that God is my creator and sent His son Jesus to die for my sins so I could go to heaven.

I love to talk, ask around they'll concur. More often than not it's at a fast pace as my brain tends to go faster than I can form the words. Picture a toddler learning to run and the top half getting ahead of the get the idea.

I think coffee is a necessity, something I would take to a deserted island. The caffeine, smell, taste, caffeine, all of it.

I'm a foodie. I love to sit and watch the Food Network and wish that I had all the ingredients just listed so I could smell and TASTE what was just created! I cook with my hubby and we tend to try and steal the cooking from one another. New recipe...bring it on ~ well unless it only has a 1 star review!
Interests COOKING!!, Learning sign language, learning to knit and crochet better, figuring out how to time manage better
Favorite Movies The American President, Nanny McPhee
Favorite Music NPR
Favorite Books The Life of Pi

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

A bib.