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Introduction We are Sid the Elf. Sid had a normal childhood, until the Fall of 1994. One fateful night at 2:30 that Fall, Sid was checking the warnings at the beginning of a particular movie hoping to see the beloved 'N' for "Nudity." It was none other than the classic Death Ring. The light bulb went off over Sid's head, as this was the first time we realized of a movie, "This is so bad it's hilarious!" That was it, we were hooked. Then, our newfound source of laughs was reinforced with the discovery of the legendary Joe Bob Briggs and his show, Monstervision. This made us realize that more people out there had a similar sense of humor, and understood why we found B so funny. Now, Sid is hard pressed to even think about watching a movie unless there's a good chance he can make fun of at least 75% of it.We have since decided to share our appreciation for unintentional comedy through our reviews. If you're looking for serious, stuffy reviews of films that are trying to be good, stay away from Sid. But, if you have a good sense of humor and like to see cool stuff in movies, check out Sid's reviews, clips, links, and pics at least once a week. There's something in the stocking for you.
Interests Sid the Elf is interested in many, many things. However, in order to narrow the scope of what really revs our engine, we will keep it real simple. When in doubt, Sid sticks to the 3 B policy. That's The Beatles(Sid's favorite), B-movies(just read any review and you'll understand), and Bootytime(no explination needed). But while we're here, here's a quick listing of stuff Sid appreciates: Don Swayze's beautiful face, Chad McQueen's denim vests, Chuck Norris's romantic explosions, What are you part of some sicko club?, Arnold talking, Segal the Panda Bear, gun snatching, jumping out of stockings, the Iceman has melted two more and I'm coming for you Vachs, HE'S GONE! THE EVIL'S GONE FROM HERE!, new job? ehh, Lonnie, i got a bad memory, Don West, pink negligees, Mr. Chan, everything Loomis, pink turkey basters, Ralphus, Ah Mr. Collins, adreite and sufreite, DJ Saltynuts, Chris Hansen, Proud of myself-you're damn right I am. That's it? That's enough.
Favorite Movies Movies is what we, Sid the Elf, do. This might be a long list, but let it be your movie viewing guide. Death Ring, Predator, Total Recall, Bloodsport, Lockup, Money to Burn, Squanderers, Redline, Cobra, Over the Top, The Final Sacrifice, Rambo I-IV, Delta Force 2, Wedding Crashers, Borat, Commando, Out For Justice, Creepshow 2, Halloween, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, The Running Man, Under Siege 1&2, Anchorman, Missing in Action 2, Tommy Boy, Death Wish 2-5, Silent Rage, The Hitman, Pistol Whipped, Wayne's World 2, The Shining, Misery, Rounders, The Descent, Old School, Easy Money, Back to School, Wicked Games, Urban Justice, and Lionheart
Favorite Music Oh yeah, we do music too. Here are some of our favorites: The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Rolling Stones, most oldies, The Killers, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, RHCP, Al Green, My Chemical Romance, of course the legendary Steven Segal, and many many more. See? Sid's all over the place. You never can tell what he'll pull out of the stocking next.