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Gender MALE
Location California- formerly New York, United States
Introduction Ad Orientem is a 40 something male living in the central valley of California. His interests are eclectic and include politics (he is a monarchist with strong libertarian sympathies), philosophy, theology (he’s an Orthodox Christian), economics, history (European & Byzantine), and baseball (GO METS!). He enjoys reading on a wide range of topics and also enjoys the occasional historical fiction novel (Patrick O’Brien rules).
Interests Orthodox Christianity, Chess, History, Philosophy, Economics, politics, baseball.
Favorite Movies The Lion in Winter, A Night to Remember, Gettysburg, Adam's Rib, The Quiet Man, Barry Lyndon, Master & Commander, and any movie with Barry Fitzgerald.
Favorite Music Eclectic
Favorite Books A Night to Remember, The Guns of August, Nicholas & Alexandra, Peter the Great, The Romanov's, The Game of Thrones series, The Lord of the Rings and all of the books by Patrick O'Brien, Dewey Lambdin and Julian Stockwin.

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