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Occupation Happily Retired
Location Middle of the East Coast, United States
Introduction I blogged on the old WindowsLive from 2005 until the move to Blogger in 2008, and I lost so many old posts. Well, on with the show, right? I am the quintessential lover of good food, good friends, and good pets. I am proud to say I am owned and operated by 2 cats, my Luscious Lucy who is a black and white Tuxedo and the Queen of the Castle, and the Debonnaire and Handsome Sam, a Maine Coon known as a Lover And Perpetual Toy Mouse Killer. Both of my furbabies are rescues as have been all my pets over the years. At one point, I had 9 cats, 2 dogs, 5 raccoons, 1 opossum, 2 birds, and 1 squirrel, all allowed in the house, all answering to their names, and all getting along famously. Sleeping was a real farce if they decided to pile into bed with me, and it did happen. This is what happens when you are not fortunate to have kids; pets take over...and I love it. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the turtle. Oh yes, pets and cooking are wonderful, but another passion is blues -- always playing in the background. I love most blues, but my favorite artists are John Lee Hooker and Otis Taylor. To that, add the bluesy jazz of Gare Du Nord. Gare is my all time favorite. Mmmm,Mmmmm good.
Interests Friends, people in general, music, reading, art, decorating, antiques, poetry, ANIMALS, cooking, learning new things, wine, a good lemon drop martini, Happy Hour with friends, great conversation, off the wall senses of humor, the beach, the mountains, painting, theater, galleries, the scent of vanilla, food, foreign and independent films, dancing, movies, hilltops in the breeze, a good thunderstorm, snow coming down, the glint of icycles in the sun, walks on a beach for miles, occasional complete silence, taking an enclosed "float" (ask if you don't know what it is), long drives in the country with the top down, getting lost as most directionally challenged people such as myself do, listening to the memories and stories of very elderly people, and best of all - a good belly laugh til it hurts.
Favorite Movies Auntie Mame with Rosalyn Russell, When Harry Met Sally, To Kill A Mockingbird, Cinema Paradiso, Avalon, My Left Foot, Schindler's List, but there's no room to name all of them. Everything from comedy and drama, to thrillers and romance, I love them all even the good old Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, and Doris Day movies. But I'm a huge fan of subtitled movies and I realize I'm in a very small minority with that.
Favorite Music Everything other than rap. I have an extensive music collection, lots of blues, jazz, world, new age, classical, pop, dance, big band, even opera...the list goes on and on. If I could listen to only one album for the rest of my life, it would be Gare Du Nord's Rendezvous 8.02 It is spectacular.
Favorite Books Anything by James Michener. Also, Pearl Buck and even Stephen King for a good horror. Anything by Maeve Binchy. Somerset Maugham, Guy DeMauppasant, Aldous Huxley. Adore anything biographical or autobiographical. Books about the human psyche. Books with lessons. Books with ha-ah moments. Books with a twist. Always have a book or 2 going. Have been a reader all my life. Have also done proof reading for friends that have now had their books published -- fun but grueling eye strain.