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Occupation Yoga Teacher
Location United States
Introduction What is it about turning 30 that turns even the most grounded of us into crazed, self-flagellating monsters comparing ourselves unremittingly to where we thought we’d be, or could be, or should be and never quite measuring up? I think it’s all about expectations. Thirty was the random age by which I thought I’d have it all figured out—or at least a really great wardrobe and a kick-ass career in the city. In reality, 30 approached with mounting anxiety…and then passed, and I was still stuck in my soulless job, doing marketing, PR, and corporate communications, loathing every minute, but befuddled as to what to do about it. After a lot of internal (and external, bless my friends and family for putting up with me!) back-and-forthing, I finally got gathered my courage, got serious about my yoga hobby, got certified as a teacher, quit my job, and started a new chapter. That was five years ago. We'll see what comes next!
Interests Yoga, Travel, Reading, Food, Cooking, Eating, Writing, History, Movies
Favorite Movies Goodwill Hunting, When Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters, Star Wars (but only the original three classics!), Love Actually, Seabiscuit, The Thomas Crowne Affair
Favorite Music Ray LaMontagne, Brandi Carlile, The Rolling Stones, David Gray, Marcus Miller