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Introduction We have seven horses on our little ranch: Beautiful Girl (the mustang that started this blog), Leah, Cowgirl, Lily, Foxy Mama, Tumbleweed, and Epona, (who survived pharyngeal dysfunction as a newborn foal.) Our family also includes Lucy (Lab), Nellie (lab) and the cats, Tuffy, Grady, & Dan. Recently, our daughter and grandson have come home to live with us, and that is an all new adventure. I have a few favorite sayings. One, is never hold a grudge against a horse because every day is a new day for them. The second is that our hearts and spirits are infinite, and can hold an infinite amount of love. That love is not exhaustible, and we shouldn't be afraid to share it. A third is some good advice I once I got: Bitterness is like drinking poison, then waiting for the other person to die. Forgiveness and love are always the better path, and I strive for it. And lastly, Naked I came from my my mother's womb, and naked I shall return. All of this will be gone someday, and that day will come too fast, but until then, I'm leaning into the loves of my life.