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Introduction There is something terribly wrong with the way conventional medicine teaches us to view ourselves. It takes a piecemeal and mechanistic view of the human being. It encourages us to pump ourselves with strong drugs, plug into machines to test ‘various aspects’ of our health and it takes out our organs whenever they ‘don’t work’. But I believe you can’t separate the human mind, body and spirit, which work in miraculous unison. That’s simply how we were made. Disease and well-being are determined by how you think, the choices you make and your life’s goals. Staying healthy is living in a state of balance. And restoring this balance guides you back to a state of health and vitality. For the ill and ailing, MindHeal Homeopathy roots out disease at its source and brings about a permanent cure. For everyone else – even those who are not necessarily “sick” – it sets right all that is imbalanced in body and mind. MindHeal Homeopathy is an ISO-certified clinic based in Mumbai. Around 40 per cent of my patients are children and I specialise in “incurable” and pathological cases. Welcome to The MindHeal Way!