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Introduction Hello, my name is Lily AnneMarie. I was born on January 2, 2010 @ Millard Fillmore Surburban Hospital. This was the happiest day of my Mommy's life. She tells this to me every chance she gets. She says that her labor with me was not bad at all. (well at least once she received her epidural.) Daddy says Mommy was a champ during her labor. For those of you who know my Mommy, you would have been so proud of her. (Gramma C agrees too!) When I finally met my Mommy and Daddy, I was so excited. Not to mention they were so excited to meet me too! I did have some issues (thats what I will call them) swallowing and cleaing my saliva and secretions. My nurse Faye told my parents that I was beautiful, but not being very cooperative. She said I needed to go to Women and Children's Hospital because there I would get the best of the best care for these "issues". Plus, I am so lucky to have Aunt Julie and Aunt Cheryl who work there to keep their eyes on me too, so I guess I better be on my best behavior. To learn all about me, please contiune to read Mommy and Daddy's version. It's alot and I need to get some rest. You know I am only 3 days old. Keep Reading !!!!