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Occupation Hospital Patient Registration
Location Minnesota, United States
Introduction My name is Beth and I've been fat my entire life. However, this is the fattest I've ever been and I'm finally going to do something about it. And because my super skinny 6'4" husband has no sympathy for me, I'm going to be ranting on here. So if you're reading this, thanks for indulging my whiny side.
Interests Reading, Writing poorly, Killing people (as in COD or Call of Duty for you non gaming folks), Singing to myself, Spending time with the Hubby, Being a Weirdo.
Favorite Movies All Harry Potter films even though the last one sucked, Anything that makes me want to curl up like a little kid with a blanket hiding my face (that would be horror movies folks), I absolutely love cheesy romantic movies, Fantasy epics (like Stardust and The Lord of the Rings), anything that's remotely entertaining.
Favorite Music Anything that makes me want to sing, which transcends all genres.
Favorite Books See favorite movies, they run along the same lines.

Is being skinny really better than how chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and raspberry glaze tastes?