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Location Taguig, Manila, Philippines
Introduction Its been four years now since I stopped from writing. That is my first love. I was 13 years old when I found myself enjoying that hobby, and later on i started to make short love stories. That started my ambition to be an author of a novel book. I miss writing, maybe thats the reason why I'm convinced to make this blog... I am Jhaniz, a petite Filipina, who love simple things in life. I made this blog to share my own thoughts about everything. I know that on my own little way, by means of this, i will have a chance to inspire everybody, that being simple is just okey. Life is too short, we must live it to the fullest, as long as we don't harm anybody. God did a great job for giving us a world that's full of things we needed, its just depends on how we take care of it. I love God more than anybody else, I can't trade anything in this world for Him. I believe in him, and accept him as my Master of my own being. I never had regrets in my life, my past made me a strong person, and I can say my present is brilliant now, and my future... soon to be unfold!
Interests reading, writing, and watching movies...
Favorite Movies Phantom of the Opera, The notebook, Bicentenial Man, Serendipity
Favorite Music it depends on my mood
Favorite Books The Bible