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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation World Dominator - In Training
Location Salem, MA, United States
Introduction I am Jerusalem Jones, the greatest cat that has ever lived. I know this, because I have lived nine times. I have lived through all of the major eras of human history - which is just cat history written by ego-maniacs. The time is right to pluck the world. I shall rule before the end of this life!
Interests Tuna, World Domination, Things that Scurry, Turkey, Tunerky (You've gotta try it!), Pouncing, Biting, Napping, Tuna, Purring, Stalking, Being a Cougar (The animal you sick-os)
Favorite Movies The Russians Are Coming, Catwoman, Batman Returns (cause Catwoman's in it), Homeward Bound, The Aristocats, Oliver and Company, Dr. Strangelove
Favorite Music Kitty Techno, The Pur-police, FurEva Yours, Pause the Paws, Tuna Tunes
Favorite Books Tamsin, Time Cat, Garfield, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, Catwings

You've been entered in a shadow puppet contest. What's your best pose?

Um, attack! I eat shadow puppets! I eat them!