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Industry Business Services
Occupation Works At Krusty Krabb
Location Your Grans Closet, Her House, United Kingdom
Introduction HEY GUYS! Im Amelia and this Is Claudia! were just totally awesome and decided... that we should start a blog... About NOTHING IN GENERAL! so random shizzle anyway Im Amelia i is awesome and i love SHOTS,SHOTS,SHO,SHO,SH,SHOTS!hehe i swear im retarded.... probley am now i like books, gay people, your mom. im no girly girl and im not afraid to attack anyone pssst.... PSSST... PPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSST!!! i once stabed my best friend in the arm DU DU DU!!! now inough bout me let me get claudia! brb... (ten mins later) O.O So i heard there were poptarts here? My friend told me there'd be poptarts...WHERE. ARE. THE POPTARTS. I love cats, you know what's great about cats? Nyan cat is a cat AND a poptart! You think this is hyper? I've not even had my coffee yet. So i heard you like mudkips..... no... WELL FUCK YOU! *amelia comes back* CALM A LLAMA DOWN CLAUDIA! *puts hand side of my mouth* her time of the month hehehe *claudia and amelia just start randomly dancing* IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! *claudia stops* NOW FUCK OFF BEFORE I DO SOMAT NASTY! *dances again but amelia stops this time* OMG WERE GONNA EAT A SNICKERS!
Interests PopTarts Your Mom Coffee Men
Favorite Music PARAMORE LINKIN PARK BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE LADY GAGA BLINK 182 SUM 41 some other shizzle like that