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Gender Female
Occupation Professional Interviewee
Location Cleveland, OH, United States
Introduction I hate writing these things because I never know what to say. Let's start simple. Hi. Welcome to Burning River Bride, henceforth referred to as BRB. I can't wait to marry Burning River Groom (BRG), but I might be more excited to plan the damn thing! Loves: carbs, celebrity gossip, being sassy, shaking my booty (gotta burn off those carbs!), reality TV, make up, our cats Tyler and Joey, wedding blogs, picture taking, LOST, sarcasm, and of course BRG. Hates: most vegetables, baked fruit, oddly textured food (pattern?), tardiness, hangovers, narrow-mindedness, awkwardly posed wedding photos, and Ohio winters. I'm sure there's more, but let's try to stay positive here, m'kay? Thanks for reading!