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Introduction I have been a vegetarian for almost 10 years...95% vegan for year or so. The longest I have been 100% strict vegan is 3 months, and then I would break down and have cheesecake, macaroni and cheese, a quesadilla etc. I have a love affair with cheese. But!, I have a driving life passion for animal rights and animal welfare. Every picture I have seen of factory farming and tear I have shed over animal abuse SCREAMS that I need to be a strict vegan. And then there is my personal battle. I am significantly overweight, and have a severe food addiction. I have lost and gained the equivalent of 3 small children. I have been a gigantess, a small, fit, normal-sized human, and everything in between. This blog chronicles my struggle with weight, addiction to food, and my core beliefs in veganism. 6 months, 180 days....the will-power to change my life.

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

I wouldn't. Poop deck is funny.