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Location Anchorage
Introduction I'm a twenty-something college student/social worker in the last frontier. I don't know how I ended up here, or where I'm going next. Using exercise, mindful eating techniques, and occasionally counting calories watch me blossom into a better version of my already awesome self.
Favorite Movies Wristcutters: A Love Story, The Princess Bride, Running With Scissors, The Aquatic Life of Steve Zissou, Speak, Hairspray, Zoolander
Favorite Music Hanson, Taking Back Sunday, Adele, Soundtracks, Brand New, Postal Service
Favorite Books Harry Potter Series, Twilight, Nora Roberts Trilogies, Fan Fiction

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Thanks, Auntie. For all that you could have contributed to my life, you gave me a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. I will now be able to complete the last details of my plan, and take over the world. You're the best.