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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Independant artist
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Born in Toronto,Canada then isolated to Paris, ON Canada for my formative years to later escape back to the "Big City" to learn and begin my career as a art director/graphic designer only to see the ugly underbelly of the design world, causing me to crash and burn into a million burnt cinders. Fortuately for myself I did not know it at that time that I was in fact a Phoenix. But not just a Phoenix, but a Dark Phoenix. So burned and tormented by my own perceptions I have not only sparked from the ash but have grown into a flame of unimaginable force cinged and blackened able to spew the evils that once tormented my skeptical mind to what you will now find in the galleries in this blog.
Interests Art, music, martial arts, sexy personalites, cats, writing, yoga, tai-chi, marijauna, sound design, photography
Favorite Movies "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Grudge", "The Exorxist", The Hills Have Eyes", "Ginger Snaps"
Favorite Music Tool, NIN, Dark trance, goth rock, EBM, Ambient Industrial, ETC.
Favorite Books "A Catcher in the Rye", Any Stephen King short story collection, Non-fiction Ghost Stories