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Location Northern, New Jersey, United States
Introduction Born just after the Summer of Love to Polish-Scottish-Welsh Italians, the youngest of 4 children by 12 years. Father died before age 2; Mother never remarried. Escaped small town mentality ASAP. Flourished in alternative education college in western MA, granted English degree; vowed to live in MA forever. But love brought her overseas and marriage soon followed. At the ripe age of 20, she experienced more of life's lessons than she expected; divorced 7 years later. Stage left: Time to be wild. Moved to Scotland. Became a vampire DJ's favorite American. Wanted to stay forever; "Or Not to Be," said Hamlet. Re-embraced MA and the fine art of editing English for Americans who cannot write to save their lives. The current scene: twelve years later in a stress-filled corporate life, she struggles "for the legal tender, say a prayer for the pretender, who started out so young and true, only to surrender." Moved to Jersey for Springsteen, the last lover, and the paycheck; still in Jersey for Springsteen and the paycheck. Oh, Love? What's love these days? "I knew it once," says Juliet. "But now I wonder if all the Romeos might be dead." All but one, her heart says!