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Occupation Bringing Sexy back
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Introduction I am a DAUGTHER, a SISTER, an AUNT, a friend. I am 2o something, equal opportunity, fun loving, single in the city,childess, lost soul looking for some guidance. I can be affectionate, and nurturing, and distant at the same time. Don;t cross me.I am non judgemental. In search of a gay friend to hang out and go shopping with. Currently not involved, but opened to dating. Boston men dont have much to offer because obviously they wouldn't be single. Its take what u can get and I am very picky about who I share my heart with. Ain't nobody got no papers on me. IM FREE!!!!!!Winter is approaching so I need a warm and tender cuddle buddy that gives good full body massages. Cant cook a lick, but I sure can ORDER OUT. Steadfastly employed. Educated. Decent looking. Loves to shop. Shoe fanatic. Known to TRAVEL to other states to have a good time.Known to have a fresh potty mouth but your secrets are safe with me. Far from perfect but I can take constructive criticism. And I ♥ Myself!!!!!!
Interests Reading, blogging, writing, traveling, dancing, drinking, eating, social commentary, guilty pleasures, being spoiled, throwing temper tantrums, frequenting strip clubs, living la vida loca.
Favorite Movies THe COlor Purple The Burning Bed Lean On Me Menace II Society Pretty Woman Boomerang Love and Basketball
Favorite Music Hip HOp R~n~B
Favorite Books Coldest Winter Ever, B-more Careful, Blessings, All of James Patterson's books. Huge fan of his. Carl Weber books. A Day Late, A Dollar Short. The latest in hood books.