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Gender Female
Location Canada
Introduction I am a fantastic mother of 2 beautiful sons, Ernesto and Santiago. I have been interested in raw veganism since 2003. I love raw! It fits with my lifestyle and values.
Interests I am obsessed with music. It's my passion. I love anything artistic: music, dance, drama, visual arts. I enjoy reading, writing, making music, travelling, cooking, discovering and trying new things. I love ashtanga yoga, volleyball, running and learning languages.
Favorite Movies Here are a list of movies that I love. Some are works of art, some are just crazysillyfun and some are simply worth watching. Check 'em out. *City of God *Braveheart *Run Lola Run *The Last of the Mohicans *Bus 174 *Undercover Brother (yes, I'm serious) *Cry Freedom *American History X *The Thin Red Line *Amores Perros *Orfeu Negro (1959 version) *Camille Claudel *Drumline *Zoolander *Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon *West Side Story *Buena Vista Social Club *I'm Gonna Git You Sucka *Amandla *An American in Paris *Dragon: Bruce Lee Story *Stander *Return to Paradise *Lawrence of Arabia *25th Hour *The Lives of Others *House of Sand and Fog *I Am Not Afraid [Italian film] *The Kite Runner...(and more to add)
Favorite Music I write my own songs. I am also a world music freak. I listen to all kinds; however I must admit that I'm not a big fan of country & western. As part of my study and interest, I've been listening to a lot of Afro-Peruvian music. Lately I've been listening to some Canadian artists such as Feist and Buck 65. I like K'naan and Kna'an, Finger Eleven, System of a Down. I love movie soundtracks. I'm diggin' M.I.A. I have Peter Gabriel, Björk, Susheela Raman, Loreena McKennit, The Mars Volta, I Mother Earth, Tori Amos, Manu Chao, Joao Bosco, Putamayo collection, classical music, 80s music, Brazilian, Cuban, Peruvian and Colombian music, Lauryn Hill, Asian Dub Foundation, Cheb Mami, Moroccan music, Soukouss, Zap Mama, Imogen Heap and Bob Marley on high rotation. I'm always looking for new sounds.
Favorite Books La Biblia. I also love poetry. Some of my favourite poets are Pablo Neruda, John Donne, Marge Piercy, Maya Angelou, Octavio Paz, Shakespeare, Galway Kinell, Alejo Carpentier etc. I have a lot of favourite books too many to name. I've enjoyed reading books that I just couldn't put down. You know a book is fantastic when it's 3am and you have toothpicks keeping your eyelids open. You can't sleep without finishing the dang novel!