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Introduction This historic blog is a jointly edited series of posts by Judyth Vary Baker and Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., with occasional guest posts. Also visit: (1)http://www.judythbaker@blogspot.com(2) http://www.meandlee.com (3)LOLA4jvb4LHO [YouTube]to learn more about the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald.View the banned History Channel documentaries --THE LOVE AFFAIR [Judyth & Lee's story],THE SMOKING GUNS and THE GUILTY MEN on YouTube.Join Judyth, who lives in exile,is on Facebook:"Going on 70, wish I could live safely in the US.But I can't. Why? I knew Lee and to tell the world the truth about Lee." Judyth's book, ME & LEE overturns everything the media and government wants you to believes. Order ME & LEE here,or at Trine Day, Amazon,Barnes & Noble or Kindle. Ask your airport bookstore --to carry ME & LEE to the nations!
Favorite Movies JFK, Executive Action, Thirteen Days, The Men Who Killed Kennedy (Episodes 7-8-9)