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Jim is founder of Evidence Press and co-author of Evolution Shot Full of Holes, with Frank Sherwin of ICR. This 176 page book is easy to read and has four main arguments.

Jim also developed the CD-ROM Evidence the Bible is True which is now in its forth printing. The program includes 6 videos and 3 books. It covers the areas of Archaeology, Prophecy, and Science.

Evidence Press is now distributing the new DVD Starlight and Time. The DVD, 140 minutes, explains biblically and scientifically how stars could appear during creation week.

Gain more evidence for creation by going to: www.EvidencePress.com

Interests Writing, Public speaking, Bike riding with my wife and daughter.
Favorite Movies Its a Wonderful Life, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Kelly's Heros
Favorite Books Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan