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Introduction Once upon a time there was a Podgy Princess. She lives in her castle with the Scruffy Prince, who she was married to for almost 15 years before they decided that it was no longer their happy ever after, however they get on splendidly well, and they both love living as a family with the 3 small subjects, and looking after the 4th smallest subject who they are fostering. Much to her utter surprise and delight, without having to kiss any frogs this time round she found her somewhat more mature Prince Charming. Of course nothing is ever straight forwards with the Podgy Princess so if her still being legally married and living in the marital castle, was not enough of a difficulty Prince Charming also lives in a different kingdom. There are many obstacles to be faced to get to any sort of happy ever after, but the Podgy Princess is giving it her best shot. The Podgy Princess, is under the guidance of a dietitian, and is under full medical supervision to her undertaking to loose a good deal of weight (Current goal is 6 stones) She also has several medical conditions that make loosing weight difficult, and exercise can be a challenge