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Introduction This Blog exists because, as you may already have discovered , if you join any of the Kelly Facebook pages and websites presently out there, unless you support the notion that Ned Kelly was a hero and a champion, you will be abused and attacked, labeled as ‘anti-kelly' and eventually banned and blocked from any further contact., which is what happened to me. However they are still talking about me, attacking and vilifying me from those places, knowing they can do so safely because I have been banned from them but I refuse to be banned and silenced by these bullies and bigots who masquerade as Kelly experts. Hence this Blog- it’s the ONLY Kelly site in the world from which NOBODY has been banned or blocked. Your views are welcome and will be published no matter what they are, but I WILL DELETE posts that attack individuals, or contain foul language. Please join in the discussion and enjoy learning the TRUTH about the Kelly story. The revelations that have been made on this Blog about the Kelly Legends by me and by the terrific group of people who contribute their time and research findings to the site will ASTOUND AND SURPRISE you.