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Gender MALE
Location Dallas, Tx, United States
Introduction Beside's being one of million's of working class Texan's, "about me" would be clear in my posting's here. This journal is to take a look at past, current, and to come event's, news, tip's, scam's, the condition, with some music/ art's video's, or whatever else pop's up, so it's not like a formal or professional blog, or has advertising ,or a certain agenda, and just mostly independent thinking, trying to be as fair and unbiased as I can. Not to promote, or does it represent any particular social, political, or religious group's. Nor to just focus or look at thing's, issue's, as only right/ wrong, good/ evil, black/ white, left/ right, but some more of just action/ reaction, workable solution's, practical thinking, etc., mostly independent or free thought, my view's on various issue's, posting's on any number of thing's, etc. I dont have any particular set format planned, so anything may change at anytime, which will now include comment moderation/ deletion, if/ where I find it necessary. To contact Ranch Chimp: Email: thomas.h.pickering@gmail.com or write: P.O. Box 541361 Dallas, Texas 75354-1361 Home Phone:(972)620- 8993
Interests I have interest in interest's. So it's open on what I take interest in. I may take on a new interest at any given time, that I havent before.
Favorite Movies Dont get to see as many as I would like perhap's, but am very open to variety. I do love though "all" the old Clint Eastwood Western's.
Favorite Music As far as music, such a large personal selection I have at home, and will post music and art pick's too.
Favorite Books My personal collection of book's vary, alot of subject's that are non- mainstream, or odd, taboo, contoversial writing's as well.