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Industry Education
Occupation Librarian/Teacher
Location Texas, United States
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Introduction A teacher and librarian with two kids, two cats, and a naughty standard poodle. The house is often in chaos.
Interests art, reading, libraries, knitting, kids, education, teaching, elementary education, flyball, standard poodles, dog training, vampires fiction, horror novels, Sting, Clapton, music, piano, travel, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, crafts, Firefly, Serenity, Joss Whedon, ceramics, needlepoint, Shakespeare, home schooling, NASA, space travel, aviation, medical librarianship, Dark Shadows
Favorite Movies The Wrath of Kahn, Moon Struck, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Gone With the Wind, The Rare Breed, Blade Runner, Serenity, Interview With the Vampire, I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore, Stand and Deliver, Star Wars (all but the last one, ) To Sir With Love, The Mummy, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Ed Wood, Groundhog Day, Desk Set, Twelve Angry Men, High Noon, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite Music Sting, Amiee Mann, Dido, Eric Clapton, Pink, Queen, Scissor Sisters, Aaron Copland, Mozart, Wagner, Pink Floyd, Branford Marsalis, Chris Botti, Kenny Kirkland, Bedriich Smetna, Percy Granger, Devorsak, J.S. Bach, Evanescence, Indigo Girls
Favorite Books Brave New World, 1984, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Interview With the Vampire, Dracula, The White Hotel, Wuthering Heights, The Giver, Turn of the Screw, The Time Traver's Wife

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

Duh, I have a universal translator. Don't you ever watch Trek?