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Location St. Louis, Missouri
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Introduction I'm a new wife and an even newer mom. I have a secret dream to be super-mom. I love to craft, cook, dance and fill my life with as many adventures as possible. I'm slightly crunchy granola but enjoy a good steak. I'm right brained and type B (with some type A tendencies). I thrive best when I get to use my creative juices. I dabble in photography and party planning. I play piano and have a dream to learn the cello. I want to make the most of this one, short life I find myself living.
Interests dancing, eating, climbing, swimming, playing with our dogs (Riley and Cami)
Favorite Movies Father of the Bride (part one and two), Stardust, Friends series, Transformer movies, all comic-based movies, Harry Potter Movies, anything based off of Austen, Dreamgirls
Favorite Books Anything fiction! I love to escape into someone else's world. Especially when things exist in that world that don't exist in mine!