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Introduction Im a 6'2" walking pile of goo that loves to eat good food that's bad for him. I tend to wrap anything in a tortilla, and seldom feel the need to heat up left-overs.

I'm opinionated as hell, but seldom share in person since I'm not much for upsetting people. I am pretty mean though, but only on the inside where I can talk tough without consequence.

I love to both read AND write, and am usually in some stage of doing one or the other. After two decades of being in one daydream or another, life has turned into something that can be difficult to participate in, as I have come to consider cloud nine to be my home with reality being the dreaded daily commute.

All who ever succeed in getting me to talk wonder if it was a good idea, and many are those who turn away from me with a funny feeling in their nether regions. Yes, that's on purpose.

That said, I am really, really good at making fudge. Oh, and I'm known to be sweet to children and small furry animals.

Interests Writing, Photography, Architecture, Engineering, Women
Favorite Movies Too many to mention. However I really loved the original Star Wars trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Fight Club.
Favorite Music Passionate. Any genre so long as it gets the blood pumping.
Favorite Books All Jim Butcher. Robert Jordan, John Ringo, Simon Green, David Weber, Brian Micheal Bendis, Frank Miller, George RR Martin, RA Salvatore, Eoin Colfer.