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Industry Manufacturing
Occupation Distillery Owner
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Introduction I have been an avid home bartender for many years, and loves exploring old and new cocktails, obscure ingredients and creative techniques. Not content to merely make drinks, I expanded on that interest in the last few years by starting and running a boutique distillery with my husband, North Shore Distillery. Our spirits are of course the ones I choose for drink making. However, we only make vodka, gin, aquavit and absinthe so far, so there are plenty of other things to try and drink. I also develop and teach a range of cocktail classes across the Midwest, and am a member of United States Bartenders Guild, Illinois Chapter. With my blog, I aim to be objective and informative in each post, and to disclose my bias if I have one. I also hope to faciliate discussion - I learn so much from hearing about what other people have done or tried! PS, if and when I review any products or talk about them, I have purchased them in a store or paid for them in a restaurant/bar unless otherwise noted. I try to be incognito where I can, but that doesn't always work so well. If you'd like to reach me, email me at sonjakassebaum (at) gmail.com.
Interests Cocktails, spirits, cooking, gardening, entertaining, the outdoors, travel