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Introduction I'm an honours student in Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney. I specialise in Anglo-Saxon, with a side order of Middle English and- sometimes- a garnish in Old French. Thematically speaking, I'm interested in medieval christianity, particularly hagiography; I'm interested in the role of the Church in social and political structures; I have a thing for powerful dead bishops; I like a sprinkling of women's history with my religious history; and I have a morbid obsession with the verb ├żyncan.********* My wordhoard has been locked by Google's anti-spam bots. Since they show no signs of inclination to unlock me, you may find The Naked Philologist at http://nakedphilologist.wordpress.com
Interests medieval studies, Anglo-Saxons, Old English, church history, fantasy books, cooking, tomfoolery, blogging

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I intended it to taste terrible, thank you very much! No one believes you're properly magic unless your potions taste foul. That's what the big nose is for, too. Headology. ~ Good grief, you don't think I'd drink this *myself* do you? You think I find it that hard to get laid? Well, if I wore this nose all the time, I suppose it might be.