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Gender MALE
Industry Human Resources
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction After failing to marry Natalie Portman, Lord Zarak set course for the stars. He traveled for a thousand years, mostly in suspended animation, towards Alpha Centauri. After arriving, he was greeted by other earthmen, whom had discovered the secret of faster-than-light-speed travel during his slumber. Needless to say, Zarak was pissed. On top of that, his solar system was conquered by a race of stinking lizards. Together with other intergalactic war survivors, Zarak formed the Guardians of the Galaxy! Armed with the Shield of Captain America, Zarak fights to end the tyranny of reptilian overlords everywhere...
Interests Transformers, Comic Books, Original Comic Art
Favorite Music Weird Al Yankovic
Favorite Books Do comics count? They better because I rarely read real books.

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?