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Gender MALE
Occupation Techknowledgist
Location Columbus, Ohio, United States
Introduction My first attempt at Muttering began over 20 years ago. I ended my short life in the publishing world with an editorial called "Muttering From The Cave". In addition to my monthly Mutterings I did a series about Videography and VideoTraceing, along with several hardware reviews of video display systems on the market at that time. It was a good gig. All went well until the lines between editorial content and the demands from advertisers for me to gild the lily and print what I knew were product misrepresentations drove me to the point where I never wanted to publish anything ever again. I am still not real sure if I want to reopen Pandora's box ... But here goes... at least I do not have any advertisers or editors telling me what they think I should write about or say in review of their crap.
Interests Stonehenge, Computer Collectables, IBM logo usage, Covered Bridges