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Industry Education
Location silverlake (hipsterville), california, United States
Introduction (read the following to the tune of vanilla ice's "ice, ice, baby"). all right STOP, let me elaborate so listen. bagnatic is back with another obsession. SOME things, grab a hold of me tightly, flows through my mind, daily and nightly. are you thinking FOOD? yo like you didn't know. i seek new eats while my fat belly grows. to the extreme i rock my spork like a vandal, eat everything i see until my belly can’t handle. DAMN! as my belly balloons. i'm eating pork belly, banh mi, and shiitake mushrooms. DEADLY, when i see a new eatery, i hope it’s delicious or else that’s a felony. i love it, i love it, but i effin’ gained weight. i better get on a treadmill and work out twice a day. but if that’s a problem, yo i'll manage it. buy bigger pants and that’ll solve it. yum yum baby it’s good, it's gooood….. (actually, my first love is bags, but i couldn’t work it into this gangsta rap of mine. anyways, my name is bagnatic. hello and nice to meet you).
Interests living, loving, feeling blessed, wasting time, talking loudly in quiet spaces, going off on a tangent
Favorite Movies lord of the rings (all of them), kill bill v. 1 & 2, sleepless in seatle, goonies, kung fu hustle
Favorite Music weezer, yeah yeah yeahs