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Introduction The mission of News 4 Newbies is to provide the casual gamer with a foundation of knowledge and strategy to enjoy the immersion of their world and World of Warcraft. By sharing my experiences in the world of Azeroth, I will detail what I have learned through my successes and failures. My goal is to help the casual gamer learn the game of World of Warcraft at a good (not overwhelming) pace. 95% of the content I see on sites, today, are geared towards players who have been active since the Vanilla Days (around the launch of WoW), and it is over the head of most new players. The advice I will offer will pertain more towards players who joined during the expansions, whether it was Burning Crusade (BC), Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) or Cataclysm (CATA). It is NOT highly relevant to the experienced WoW gamer; however, you never know when I may uncover a nugget you may previously have missed. /salute
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