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Introduction This blog is maintained by myself & my brother. We've both lived in Europe for an extended period of time. He in Germany for 7+ years and I in The United Kingdom for 2+ years. We've both experienced Socialized Medicine and we can attest that there is NO RATIONING of health care. European countries have strong Labor/Workers Rights and experience a superior standard of living.The common worker starts with 30 paid holidays per year not counting 'Bank Holidays' (legal/ National Holidays. There is no such thing as 'Sick Days'. If you're sick you simply stay home. You don't get fired for getting sick. The propaganda that our elected officials are putting out to the American public with tossing around terms such as 'Rationing, socialism etc' are scare tactics that will not work on people who've lived and prospered in Europe. These politicians are not working for the American People, they are working for Pharma, Insurance Co. and Big Corporations. We are both strong supporters The Separation of Church And State - Gay/Lesbian Right - The Freedom OF/FROM Religion - The decriminalization of Marijuana - Unions - Civil Rights -
Interests Freedom, The Separation of Church & State, Democracy, Gay Rights, Civil Rights, Equal Rights