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Gender MALE
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Introduction Rob lives in Portland, Oregon, the center of the known universe. Little known but true facts of my life include a few following. Worked in a virology research lab with a freezer full of bad things and incubators full of worse, at age 15. Swam a class five rapid in a river full of crocodiles. Been almost kidnapped in the former Soviet Union. Ensured free and fair elections in a couple spots in Africa. Translated ancient texts of Chinese philosophy. Having been within 2 blocks of a car bomb explosion, which is definitely not recommended. Done research on quantum tunneling in the vicinity of absolute zero, -459 degrees F, serious cold. Conceived and designed a unique 2d content addressable memory. Designed and built a 500 square foot solar greenhouse for a community food center using 90% recycled-sustainable materials. I am pretty much an optimist, except when I'm being realistic. I see a lot of art, know what I like and act on it. Portland is a great place for artists now and my recommendations represent my personal opinion of the best. Sometimes recommendations also include great events to meet other artists, as well as other obscure cultural, political and plain strange events.