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Introduction I have been sewing for dolls for over 50 years. I still have a Pilgrim doll that I made and dressed in 2nd grade. There are no hems and the stitches are 1/2" wide, but the clothes have held together all these years! I sewed for my own dolls, then I made clothes for my sisters' dolls. When my daughter was young, I made rag dolls for her and then sewed matching outfits for my daughter and her dolls. When my granddaughter came along, I sewed for her Barbies and her American Girl doll. Josefina had a very extensive and elaborate Edwardian wardrobe! For my 60th birthday, I bought three dolls: an original Ginny, a Bleuette, and a Hitty. (It was supposed to be just one doll, but I got carried away.) Now I'm back sewing for my own dolls again! I think that the activities we do in childhood are the ones where we enjoy the process, not just the end results. Sewing for dolls has always been a great joy for me, and now I'm back doing it again, just for the fun of it.