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Occupation SEO
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Introduction The name's Mrudula & most of the people know me as Munnu. However, I'm a GEEK, I live, breathe, sleep & talk INTERNET. I love surfing INTERNET & getting to know good websites & believe me, though I've seen a lot of them, I'm still thirsty, b'coz, yeh dil mange more. Few Things about me: 1. If someone strokes my hair, I find it intensely pleasurable. 2. Rain has the power to mesmerize me. I stand transfixed when I see drops of rain splash into puddles and ripple outward. It never ceases to amaze me. 3. My favorite color is pink. i have a ton of pink things. 4. I never seem to notice a person’s eye color…I can look deeply into someone’s eyes and notice that they are beautiful, but yet never have noticed the color of them (strange, I know). 5. I’m very observant; I notice everyone. From the flawless beautiful people right on down to the unnoticed outsiders. 6. Summer puts me into a really grumpy mood. 7. Every time I walk into a library, I always spend much more time in there than I plan. I could spend hours in there, I’m just fasinated with books! So, there you are. That's all I think there's to know about me.
Interests Books, Children, Pets, Plants.
Favorite Music As long as u love me-BSB, I am a slave 4 u-Britney.
Favorite Books Fountain Head, If tomorrow ever comes, Harry potter

What spells can you cast with magic markers?