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Industry Fashion
Occupation Calculating Piper
Location South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Introduction Everytime I open my mouth, I want to talk about me. OK, some more about me. My recent body design is being run by some engineers, and one is redesigning it into a hole. There's a few lessons I've learned from the engineering work I've gone through, and in trying to use that, I've explained to him why this arm here by my mouth is a bad thing -- then re-explained, because when I still had the final say, I'd decide against it, explain my decision, he would publically accept the decision, then he'd try to find ways around it... weak and subversive (but that's tangental). So NOW he has the ability to shift his accent around, and he's passing himself off as Dr. Hiyama, guiding the project into a chasm of fusckking support nightmares. A co-worker said: SO SEND HIM AN EMAIL, explain to him again, and when it goes wrong, say "I FUCKIING TOLD YOU SO!" and move the mouth. Hoever, I'd rather not have to say that; I'd rather the rapid mouth-arm cycling not occur. I don't need to say 'I told you so', and I can also see the need some people have to dig themselves out of the pitfall rather than avoid it on someone else's intel, but it bothers me when the company is affected.
Interests Breakfast, Attach the Children, Whittling the Womb, Parades, Hammering Details
Favorite Movies Wizard of Gore, Creampanpan Solution#8, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Deathstalker, The Golden Child, Dead by Dawn
Favorite Music Fangface and Fangpuss, Rallize Denudes, The Prom Kings, Ramon Montaya
Favorite Books Eggstallion Fly, The History of Cancer, Fishing in the Qayillya Mountain Range