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Gender Male
Industry Engineering
Occupation Manufacturing Quality Engineering Manager
Location UT, United States
Introduction I have a grill and a supply of fish. I have a great book to read, always. I have a loving wife and the decent sense to know she needs more attention than a good book will allow. I have a pen and blank paper to write my own book and the inspiration of that wife to keep writing. And I have the freedom to enjoy these blessings and I'll battle anyone who wants to take it and them from me. These are treasures, one and all and I consider myself a wealthy and happy man. Is this heaven? If it isn't, yet, my spirit guide is the bullfrog, Jeremiah, a good friend who knows where heaven is. Favorite cities: Antibes, Cannes, Hong Kong, Kyoto, La Jolla. Favorite food: Dark chocolate, lobster and just about anything else that swims/crawls in the sea, quiche lorraine, onion soup, french bread [the real thing from a french boulangerie], sushi, balsamic vinegar [1 Tbs per day] Favorite animal: bullfrog [what else? - but never to eat! I've eaten dog, but would never let the frog pass my lips] Favorite color: red Contact [email]:
Interests writing, cooking, photography, graphic design, greeting card design [see website]
Favorite Movies Field of Dreams, Kingdom of Heaven, The Lord of the Rings [the whole trilogy], Wag the Dog, any James Bond, Shakespeare in Love, Arabesque, Lawrence of Arabia.
Favorite Books Favorite authors: Umberto Eco, Aldous Huxley, Clive Barker, Dan Brown, Will Shakespeare, Herman Melville