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Gender Female
Occupation party animal
Location c-wall, Canada
Favorite Movies :::::the favorites::::: donnie darko, the terminal, back to the future, harold and kumar go to wite casal, the village, buddy, rocky horror picture show, dolores claiborne, ghost in a shell, emily, inuyasha one and two, sisterhood of the traveling pamts, bewitched, charlie and the cocolate factory, white noise, saw, legally blonde one and two, radio, the wrong turn, monstars ball, the patriot, i robot, men in black one and two, monsters inc, aladin, lizzie mquire movie, cinderella story, 12 monkeys, bambi, strawberry shortcake movie, holes, white chicks, hott chick, serority boys, taxi, girl fight, trouble, the sand lot, the exorcisim of emily rose, the hills have eyes, napoleon dynamite, zathura, duece bigalo, house of flying daggers, hitch, clockwork orange, yellow submarine, fritz, fun with dick and jane, christmas with the kranks, big mammas house, the diary of a mad black woman, corpes bride, the nightmare before christmas, finding neverland, and peter pan.
Favorite Music :::::music anyone?::::: 1.jimmy eat world 2.Black flag 3.sugarcult 4.the used chemical romance 6.against me 7.presidents of the united states 8.bowling for soup 9.dogs die in hot cars 10.the divorce 11.nirvana 12.jack off jill 13.matchbook romance 14.blink 182 15.3 days grace 16.switchfoot 17.lost prophets 18.misfits 19.takeing back sunday 20.modest mouse 21.the ramones 22.the killers 23.the yeah yeah yeahs 24.MINX 25.Mae 26.Circle Jerks 27.The Clash 28.afi 30.iron maiden 31.anti flag 32.backyard babys 33.blondie 34.the damned 35.kitty 36.the cure 37.the donnas 38.the faint 39.faster pussycat york dolls 41.the who 42.death cab for cutie!!!! 43.mars volta!!! 44.mxpx 45.kill radio :more random music: 1000 travels of jawaharlal, 1905, a day in black and white, a days refrain, a kiss farewell, a light in the attic, a petal fallen, a stained glass romance, acrimonie, after school knife fight, alcatraz, amanda woodward, amen ra, ampere, and sometimes i, anevilforeachman, angel hair, animal hospital, angora static, angstzustand, anodyne, anomie, antioch arrow, arsen aka konig der monster, as i lay dying, belle epoque, black castle, black cross, black eyes, bleeding kansas, bluid, botch.

This is a colon : and this is a semi-colon ; - what's a semi-truck?

ohohoh!!! i know!!! your mom?