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Location Auckland, New Zealand
Introduction I am by training a Clinical Psychologist. Psychology is, literally from the Greek, the study of the spirit. What I have found is that a pre-eminent route to engaging the spirit is via – the body. I have worked with GPs in primary care, in the US and New Zealand, in efforts to build innovative integrated MindBody approaches to healthcare. I am a university lecturer presenting training workshops for the University of Auckland and provide training for healtcare providers on mind/body integration and interactions between cognitions, emotions and physiology, between the mind and the body - between psyche and soma. I manage mental health projects for Auckland GP organizations and am a member of a nation-wide clinical consulting group that provides training on suicide intervention and clinical risk management. I am committed to a holistic vision and an integrated approach to healthcare and to life. I believe that healing must engage us on all levels attending to physical and emotional wellbeing and cognitive awareness with careful attention to the spirit.