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Introduction i am an inanimate human life form which lives on music
Interests tripping on the way the groovy way the universe grooves and stuff...SERIOUSLY...what about that place they call 'Gobekli Tepe' huh? WTF is up with that place, eh?...check it out if you don't know what i'm talkin' about...
Favorite Movies 1. The Screechy Creature From The Plastic Lagoon! 2. Check It...Is THAT DY-NO-MITE??? 3. yo Mama Is Fat And Has Curlers In Her Hair (pt.2) 4. The 7-11 Turban Guy Goes Wild! 6. all Austin Powers 7. The Wizard of Oz 8. all BLACK SABBATH movies... 9. groovy space stuff type stuff 10. 11. Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory 12. 13. dads 'Super 8's' of me in the 60's that have mysteriously vanished into the mists of time....or have they???...i dunno... ask yer mutha...
Favorite Music rock jazz world vibe fusion prog reggae punk blues folk soul r'n'b classical indie self exploratory alone by yourself blues rappin' phone messages, meavy hetal japanese finger music Slovakian lullabies turkish nortenas burmese acid folk balinese porno music juju bees...(wait, i think that last one might be a candy...)
Favorite Books Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, the mouse and the motorcycle, Dr.Suess, charlie and the chicilate factory

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

Do Sponges Have Issues? my weed crying?...Bugs Bunny Said, "..Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy..." or did he?......ZAPPA'S NOT DEAD HE JUST SMELLS FUNNY!!...what would Jesus say about cheeseburgers?... is a hamlet an omlette with ham? or is it a very small pig?