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Gender MALE
Location Denmark
Introduction The Crazy Bird is an American expatatriate who has been residing in Denmark ever since the late sixties. When he was a young man it was prophesied: Your country, love it or leave it -- well, he loved it and still does, but he left it. It was the Crazy Bird who discovered the short-short Path to Total, Complete Enlightenment. The instructions for Complete, Total Enlightenment are: Bend over, grab your right ear with your left hand, your left ear with your right hand and (briskly) pull you head out of your ass.
Interests Music, astronomy, sci-fi, religion, truth, what-is, the lint in my navel
Favorite Movies Galaxy Quest
Favorite Music My own
Favorite Books Julian May's "Many Colored Land" and "Intervention" series; David Brin's "Uplift" series