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Gender MALE
Occupation Pubic Hair Removal
Location Bunghole, Wisconsin, United States
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Introduction You wait & fucking wait & fucking wait, hopeful that the next bus will read DESTINATION DOOMSDAY, but no...that bus never seems to get here... & all you're left with is the anger.
Interests My interests involve moving beyond the classically spiritual, towards a more void like realm of total emptiness.Something like the inside of Donald Trump's head
Favorite Movies The one entitled "Reality." If this shit isn't fiction we're royally screwed
Favorite Music "Positive Encouraging K-Love Radio"
Favorite Books Books? Why would I read books? This is Trumpland, we don't need no stinking books here.

If your white power friendly president is really orange, is orange the new white? Now that sexual assault has been given the Presidential seal of approval, will my daughter have to blow a rich guy so I can get health care?