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Introduction I am a very pretty female cockatiel. For the past five years, I have been J.L.'s companion in his nice cage, and I am the Tall One's devoted friend. I have known about J.L.'s blog for a while, because I watched him when he was pecking on the keys. I thought he was doing a fine job by himself. When he left us, I was very sad. I am not sure what happened. The Tall One says he won't come back, because he is in a better place now. I cannot imagine a better place than our cage in the apartment, but the Tall One is very truthful and intelligent, so I have to believe her. I decided to show her his blog, which he had been keeping a secret from her until then. We both want to keep the blog going, because it is important to get information about us tiels to other birds and to humans.
Interests eating millet spray, spending time with the Tall One, laying eggs and sitting on them