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Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation lawyer
Location South Bend, Indiana, United States
Introduction I've been a practicing attorney since 1999, and hence am both a victim and a "beneficiary" of protectionist statutes forbidding the practice of law without (a) completing and paying for seven years of higher schooling, (b) passing a bar exam, and (c) obtaining a government license. Everything I needed to know to practice law competently I learned "on-the-job" after graduating from law school and after studying for and passing the bar exam, and could have learned without the "benefit" of those costly and time-consuming barriers. Most honest lawyers would tell you the same thing. These barriers, erected to protect the financial interests of the already-credentialed, not only dissuade many from pursuing a livelihood in the work which may suit them best, but also, by raising the costs of legal counsel and precluding cheaper non-J.D. alternatives, deny to many others who cannot afford legal counsel access to justice itself.
Interests Georgism, libertarianism, Distributism, Quakerism, natural law, mysticism, metaphysics
Favorite Movies Rob Roy, The Passion of the Christ, Braveheart, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Jacob's Ladder, Frailty, Friendly Persuasion, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, The Fourth Wise Man, The Searchers
Favorite Music I like most music from most genres excluding most country but definitely including bluegrass. Loreena McKennitt is a favorite.
Favorite Books Book of Ecclesiastes, Book of Job, Gospel of John, Quaker Strongholds, The Perennial Philosophy, Progress and Poverty, Our Enemy the State, Agrarian Justice, No Treason, Civil Disobedience, The Brothers Karamazov, Don Quixote, Lord of the Rings, Way of a Pilgrim, Cloud of Unknowing, Enchiridion of Epictetus, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Lost in the Cosmos, Lancelot