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Occupation high school
Location Urchsville, Ohio, United States
Introduction Hi my name is Karissa Dante Kidd I am 16 years old and I believe the world is full of many wonders and mysterys that are waiting to be discorvered. I also beleive my bff is my soul twin, you will not beleive us at points. Ive been going through some hard times in my short amount of life but I can make it through if I tried hard enough. I like to express my self in my poems and let some people read them so they can try to see what i go through and if they can understand me at all. Veary few have!! I also cut myself to relieve anger and stress and so much more that is on my mind or is happening all around me i also like to go out and spin my flag to help clear my mind and relax me. I also Enjoy to go out and watch the family ride the Dirt Bikes and Four Wheelers.
Interests poetry, writting, reading, drawing, TXTING, hanging out with my friends, animals, wolves, tigers, getting on my moms nerves with my cloths, dress weird, run track, cross crountry, colorgaurd, hunting, fishing, hate air planes, school is boring, cant wait to graduate, a big purse, going to buckeye, dnt like people, laughing at emo people, act emo sometimes, dress emoish sometimes, cant stand the mall, hot topic, debs, what happened to good movies, getting even, KILL WITH KINDNESS, self harm, vampires, zombies, and so much more.
Favorite Movies I love, Scary movies, !!!!
Favorite Music I like to listen to about anything, heavy mental, screamo, country, classical music
Favorite Books My favorites yes they may be wrong but it the..., adult romances., i also love the book, fire bringer, ...had a copy someone stole it last year...

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

wow that is really a random question. it would be made out of silver metal and it it is made for the victory of me just being me and that includes all of my weirdness.