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Gender MALE
Location San Francisco, California
Introduction In 1980 when I was 12, I became enthralled by a game called Dungeons and Dragons. This game would go on to become an obsession throughout my teen years and has always been a major part of my lifes passion. For me it inspired my creativity, encouraged critical thinking, created friendships and developed social interactions and created a bonding with a larger community I rarely found elsewhere. From B/X to AD&D 1 and 2 , through the d20 revolution of 3rd and 4th editions, I have always found something along the way I enjoyed about the game. Although as of late I have been reconnecting with that magic that I lost long ago. That spark of imagination and exploration back into the depths of my creativity. In discovering the Old School Renaissance and reconnecting with my old roots, I am once again reminded of what it was that drew me to the game in the first place. The wonder of the unknown, of what lay beyond that yawning portal...
Interests I am primarily a Dungeon Master but also enjoy being a player for a good GM. I also greatly enjoy reading and playing many other RPGs of a fantasy/sword and sorcery genre ( Talislanta, Harn, Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, GUPRS fantasy, Skyrealms of Jorune, the list goes on). But always my heart has been for Dungeons and Dragons.
Favorite Movies Dragons Slayer, Hawk the Slayer, Krull, Labyrinth, Willow, Alien, Mad Max, Lord of the Rings, Beastmaster, Sword and the Sorceror, Conan the Barbarian and Destroyer, Avatar the last Airbender complete series, Legend, Princess Bride, Monte Python's the Holy Grail
Favorite Books The Book of Three Series by Lloyde Alexander (my first fantasy read), The Belgariad and the Mellorian by David Eddings, The Elric series by Moorcock, Thieves World series, Earthsea Series by Ursula Le Guin, Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance, The Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen, Warriors of the Flame by Jay Rosenberg, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher, The Hobbit by JR Tolkien