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Industry Chemicals
Location Houston, TX, United States
Introduction I am one of those people who speak their mind and I always try to tell the truth. I think honesty is the best policy and while I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings I believe that people need to hear how others perceive them. I do try to choose my words carefully to minimize the damage but when something rouses my passion I can be guilty of letting diplomacy go by the wayside. I am a liberal, a Democrat, and a Christian even though many think that is impossible. I like to think I have a broad perspective on the world but will admit that at times I can fall into the trap of letting my feelings cloud my judgment. I value Love, Family, Friends, and Diversity. I try to learn from others and place value on their opinions but I can be very intolerant of differing viewpoints. My feelings and emotions are usually quite strong and I don’t hesitate to express myself. I love children and animals for their innocence and respect older folks for their life experiences. I don’t believe in negativity and feel life is too short to waste time on the insignificant. I think the world would be a wonderful place if we all followed the golden rule and learned to get along.
Interests Favorite Quote - " I have friends who scrimped and saved all thier lives so they could retire to have fun and travel only to find that they were too old or sick by then to do it. Don't wait! Don't waste your chances! Live your life and spend your money travelling and having fun now while you still can. " --- Marie Mariano
Favorite Movies Mostly Horror and Drama.
Favorite Music I like it all but most often hy radio is tuned to Blues, Jazz or Classical.
Favorite Books Drama, Mystery, Horror, Historical Fiction